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Friday, June 02, 2006

Basics of Low-Carb Eating

Recently at LivingAfterWLS we've been focused on finding ways to beat the Carb-Monster. Most WLS post-ops, me included, learn the hard way that a return to processed carbs starts a wicked cycle of binge eating, grazing and ultimately weight gain. Sometimes we feel totally mired in the carb trap without means or will to find our way out.

I suppose the easiest advice to give a pre-op WLS candidate is "Never ever taste another processed carb again. Just don't go there." But in our carb-happy world that's tough advice to follow. Some of the best advice I've found comes from the low-carb diet camp (think Adkins). Here's an abreviated list of low-carb basics that not only expains why we get trapped in the carb cycle, but the benefits of getting out of the cycle.

Low-Carb Basics

Many people cannot eat large amounts of carbohydrate foods – sugars and starches – without making and storing body fat.

All carbohydrates, except for dietary fiber, are ultimately broken down into simple sugar molecules by the digestive processes.

The body will not burn fat for fuel as long as there is a steady supply of quick-to-burn sugar. Inversely, without sugar, the body will be forced to use body fat for energy.

The breakdown of body fat will produce energy for the body and ketones, which are eliminated in the urine.

Insulin levels are stabilized because the pancreas no longer has to pump out large amounts in response to sugary, starchy meals or snacks.

Without surges and dips in insulin levels, your blood sugar remains stable.

Ultimately a steady low-carbohydrate diet eliminates cravings and blood sugar swings. The presence of ketones helps control hunger. You lose fat and lose weight.


Andie Jamari said...

Great article. This is one of the things I am committed to in my new WLS lifestyle. I know how carbs affect me and I know that an "overdose" of carbs is one of the reasons I gained so much weight to begin with.

Post-ops (now 7 weeks) like me need to establish healthy eating habits and keep the carb monster from slipping back into our lives.

Anonymous said...

I am 15 mos. post op....I want to stress something to all the newly post ops out there......Stay away from CARBS!!!!!!!! I did really well in the beginning.....and then a little here and a little there....carbs re-entered my world! It does lead to grazing and unneccessary eating. I have lost 70lbs....I still really want to loose another 20.....

Also stay away from is nothing but empty calories, and very difficult to gauge the effect it is going to have on you. Those are two things I would not have messed around with. I'm like Eve with the apple....I would never have known if I didn't take a bite/or drink! Stay healthy!

Linda Johnson said...

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Pharmamedics said...

Carbs diet does not suit to everybody, at first one can consult with his doctor, before start this diet.