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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mechanics of WLS: A Quick Refresher Course

I have found that occasionally re-visiting the mechanics of surgery helps me to remember to respect my new body. I don't want to take for granted the surgical changes to my body. These two quick videos, explain the mechanics of gastric bypass and banding. Watching them was a great reminder for me that I'll never go back to "normal". Take a look:

Understanding Gastric Bypass Surgery and Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery

What Are the Different Types of Surgery for Obesity?


Pharmamedics said...
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Loosey said...
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Donna said...

Hi there! I found your article on the web, "Myth: Gastric Bypass Patients Can Never Be Nutritionally Healthy". I was researching vitamins recommended to WLS post-ops -- just doing a little learning, as I am pre-op my self.

First, congratulations for maintaining your weight loss. That is tremendous, and proof that you have embraced the new lifestyle. I'm sure you have your challenges, but you're obviously doing well.

My question for you is this... I recently changed gyms, and decided to sign with a trainer. I want to get ahead of the curve and build muscle, so that post-op when I am in the quick weight loss phase, I won't have to take such a heavy hit where loss of muscle is concerned.

Of course during my assessment with the Trainer, I told him about the WLS. He was totally against it (because he had a friend who did poorly and wasn't in the right mindset). I'd like to educate him on it and I like the way you write.

First, I'd like to share with him your "Myth.." write-up, but would also ask if you have anything else that would help arm him with more information to help him make an informed decision.


PS: Sorry for the long message!