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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Recipes Wanted: Holiday Cookbook

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I know if you are like me things got nutty crazy over the holidays and I didn't get nearly everything I wanted entered into our great new cookbook. So to help me --- and encourage YOU --- We have extended the deadline to February 15, 2008. Now do not get feeling all comfy thinking -- ahh, 6 more weeks. Get entering now so that Celadon, the First Lady of the Neighborhood Kitchen, has time to do the first edit. We still want to publish this in early summer and there is a ton of work between the deadline and publication....

Right now we have 243 recipes -- need 147 more. Also, I've increased the number of contributions per person to 24 (from 18) so you have 6 more chances to publish your Yumm-O recipes and have them shared around the world with others just like you, doing the best they can to rock awesome with WLS.

It looks like we could use some Spring Recipes for holidays like Easter, Mother's Day, Passover, Memorial Day and Weeknight Suppers.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the cookbook.

Being one week post op and just advanced to pureed food, I would love to see recipes to get through pureed and semi-pureed stages. I love to cook and make the food interesting as I'm certain is the case with others. In the hospital I realized that the best way for me to be successful is to figure out how to combine the foods I can eat with some of the flavors I learned to love. For instance, it is amazing how nice a combination of pureed chicken (organic baby food) and hummus can taste - hot or cold. Tonight I mashed up cottage cheese and flavored it with some of the sauce I prepared for the shrimp dish the rest of the family. It was a lovely departure from plain cottage cheese. I hope you are planning to include recipes for those early stages to help make recovery and new relationship with food easier.

Thanks for considering my request.