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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ask Kaye: Nutrition Values

From Cincygal in The Neighborhood:
1. What percentages of calories eaten per day should be protein? carbs? fat?

My Answer:
Here is the BEST CASE I look for (percentage-wise) when I prepare a recipe for myself or for future publication with the LivingAfterWLS/Kaye Bailey endorsement:

60% protein (30g protein/serving on main meals)
15% fat (more mono-unsaturated fat than saturated fat if possible)
25% carbohydrate (complex carbohydrate from fruit/veggies, limited starch, no processed white carbs)

Now, of course, these numbers are rough guidelines. But hitting in this ballpark keeps me (and LAWLS) within the guidelines of ***most*** bariatric centers and also is proven to facilitate and maintain a healthy weight.

Savvy readers may wish to calculate some of the 5 Day Pouch Test recipes that are higher in fat or carbohydrate than this standard and say, "what about this??" The fat and carbs are higher for that five-day program in order to correct an addictive processed carb cycle and return us to a high-protein diet. I know thousands will agree when I say breaking a carb-addiction "cold-turkey" (pun-intended ) with a high-protein diet has oodles of unpleasant affects and seldom results in a protein-compliant way of eating. We must ease off the "bad stuff" in order to successfully return to a physician advised post-weight loss surgery diet.

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