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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Connections: Support Matters with Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss is never easy - with or without weight loss surgery - and it is more difficult when we try to go it alone. The Internet has provided us numerous opportunities to connect with others who are traveling this journey of weight loss surgery. Here are a few of my favorite destinations for support, encouragement, understanding and empowerment! I'll see you there!

LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood
Now over 8,000 members strong the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood -- Our Safe Haven Circle of Friends -- is your premier online destination for support, friendship, encouragement, understanding and empowerment with weight loss surgery. We address all surgeries including gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeve. Our members include post-ops of 20+ years and pre-ops looking into surgery and newbies in the wonderful first year of discovery. You belong here - we have room for you. Be sure and check out these hot spots in the Neighborhood:

You Have Arrived Alumni Club: Connect with other weight loss surgery patients who are at the same stage as you. Simply look for the year of your surgery and join the conversation in the "Class of" sub-forum. All surgical procedures can participate in each "Class of" sub-forum. Let's share our collective experience and support one another who are near the same stage in the journey.

Accountability Challenges: Do you do better when held accountable? We all do! This is a great place to step-up to the plate and take accountability into your own hands. Seasonal accountability challenges - a place where we account to one another for the goals we set for ourselves. Also, check out the Day 6 Accountability conversation and stay on track for better health and a better you!

Community Kitchen: Share recipes, cooking techniques and ask questions. We are all in the kitchen together and this is a great place to learn, socialize and find out what's for dinner tonight!

Fun Friday: Just for FUN! LivingAfterWLS's Favorite weekly game where you have a chance to share something about yourself, not necessarily weight loss surgery related, and win fabulous prizes! Real life prizes sent in the mail taking the mundane out of the mailbox. DarlingGwenda is our Hostesses and each week she entices us to share a little tidbit in this get-to-know-you game! Join us!

Facebook offers us a chance to quickly check in with one another while enjoying a broader environment of social networking. We have three groups there to support our LivingAfterWLS way of life -- Join us! And "Friend Me" Kaye Bailey Facebook Page

LivingAfterWLS Neighbors: An outreach social network for Kaye Bailey's LivingAfterWLS community and Neighborhood. Please join us to share your surgical weight loss surgery experience, celebrate your health, support others and rejoice in living. This group was created by Kaye Bailey and officially sanctioned by LivingAfterWLS, LLC.

5 Day Pouch Test: An outreach social network for Kaye Bailey's widely successful 5 Day Pouch Test (copyrighted and owned by LivingAfterWLS, LLC.) Please join us to share your 5 Day Pouch Test experience, celebrate your health, support others and rejoice in living. This group was created by Kaye Bailey and officially sanctioned by LivingAfterWLS, LLC.

Day 6: Beyond the 5 Day Pouch Test
- The official group! Pursuing health, wellness, & weight control beyond Kaye Bailey's 5 Day Pouch Test. Helpful hints, recipes, connections, living. Stay on track with your weight loss surgery tool. You Can Do This!

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