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Monday, July 12, 2010

WLS Friendly Summer Menus

It's that wonderful time of year! Picnics, grilling, beach parties, reunions! No need to be left behind because of your weight loss surgery: this is your season to shine! There are dozens of great recipes you can share with family and friends as you celebrate summer while respecting your dietary needs. Today we present menus featuring some of our LivingAfterWLS and 5 Day Pouch Test favorite dishes so you can "protein first" and Enjoy! Take a look:

Menu 1: Light Grilled Chicken Luncheon
Grilled Chicken with Fresh Apricot Sauce
The fresh flavors of apricot and green onion compliment broiled or grilled chicken. Wake up your senses with this dish that provides 222 calories and 28 grams protein per serving. Easy & Delicious. Recipe

Healthy Deviled Eggs
Everyone loves picnic eggs and this healthy recipe is sure to get attention. Serve as an appetizer or a side dish to your summer meal. Recipe.

Melon with Kiwano Melon Sauce
A variety of colorful melon is served with a quick blender sauce in a pretty presentation. Only 36 calories per service. A sweet compliment to any grilled protein. Recipe.

Frozen Raspberry Desserts
Finish your scrumptious "Protein First" meal with a dainty serving of Frozen Raspberry Desserts. You'll enjoy the lightness of a creamy dessert featuring summer's rubys: Raspberrrys! Recipe

Menu 2: Sunset Supper by the Grill
Grilled Turkey Steaks
A sweet pepper-citrus salsa tops these tasty grilled turkey breast steaks. Featured as a Day 5 meal for the 5 Day Pouch Test, this recipe is a family favorite any day of the week. Recipe.

Mixed Greens with Vinegar Salad Dressing
Enjoy your turkey steaks with a generous serving of mixed greens dressed with an easy vinegar dressing. Add a little of the pepper-citrus salsa to compliment the greens. Recipe.

Chocolate Spice Brownies
Finish your light and delicious meal with these chocolate spice brownies: they get moisture and sweetness from canned beets, but that will be our secret. Everyone loves these! Recipe.

Menu 3: Spectacular Grilled Feast of Flavor
Grilled Garlic Jumbo Shrimp & Cherry Tomato Skewers
Fresh herbs, garlic, shimp and tomatoes skewered for a show-stopping "Protein First" main course that satisfies hunger of the eye and hunger of the belly. Recipe.

Potato Skins with Cheese & Bacon
Make these nutritious and delicious potato skins in advance, then reheat over the grill just before serving your appreciative guests. Recipe

Sauteed Baby Spinach
Use early summer baby spinach from the farmers market to make this quick and easy spinach dish that is low in calories and high in nutrients. This serves as a nice bed for the grilled garlic shrimp and tomatoes when plating your lovely summer meal. Recipe.

Sugar Free Chocolate Pie
For a grand finale finish to your meal serve cool and cream sugar free chocolate cream pie. Recipe.

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