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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Renewal - It's Your Time to Bloom!

Spring Renewal - It's Your Time to Bloom!
Happy Spring to you! I hope your world is renewed and awakening after a long winters rest. Like most of North America our winter has been long and harsh and it has outstayed its welcome. If you squint your eyes today I think you may be able to see a hint of green in the grass!

Spring is such a sweet time of renewal and it seems many  "reminders" pop-up this time of year. Change the batteries in the smoke detectors. Have vehicles serviced and seasonal tires changed. Schedule quarterly teeth cleaning. And it so it goes. Looking at this list of "To Do's" I couldn't help but notice the absence of "Review health and WLS status and wellness; plan healthy habits for coming days and weeks." Wouldn't it be nice if we received a gentle reminder in the mail to spring clean our weight loss surgery house?

Here it is! Rather than delay an assessment of our health and weight loss surgery until there is a problem (similar to delaying a visit to the dentist office until we have a toothache) here is our chance to take a look and celebrate what we are getting right, where we have opportunity to improve, and make a map for taking us through the new season. You'll find more about this in the article below that features a favorite LivingAfterWLS tool - the Quarterly Self Assessment. Please accept this gentle reminder to check your health and your weight loss surgery this week. Not many of us are brave enough to go to the market without a list, so why would we hope for the best with our WLS without making a list and a plan?  The worksheet is free and it doesn't hurt. And you will be glad you have sprung forward into a new season - It is your time to bloom!    

Happy 2011 - We are all in this together!
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