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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Do you have WLS Broken Eggs?

From the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood:
Janet - Thanks so much for sharing this! You did yourself proud. This is my favorite part of your post:

I have learned that a few eggs may break, some that I didn't even drop, and I can still clean up the mess and move on. I am learning to be me own caregiver. I made my husband wait on his dinner until I drank my protein drink! He didn't die by eating late and I am feeling very proud of myself! :party0002:

Just in case some don't know the "broken egg" reference I'll quote from page 27 of my Day 6: Beyond 5DPT Book:

Years ago in on e of the many diet programs I was following, and I am not sure which it was, a counselor talked about dropped eggs as the theory applies to the scenario above. She asked if any of us, while in the kitchen baking, had accidentally dropped an egg on the floor. We all nodded yes. She then asked if we said, "To hell with it" and proceeded to drop the remaining eggs on the floor. We all nodded no, of course not! "Then why, when you drop the metaphorical diet egg do you say to hell with it and break the diet for the rest of the day?" Great allegory!

Dropped eggs happen. We are human. We live in a difficult world. So the next time you drop the diet egg visualize getting a paper towel, wiping up the spill and moving forward. Dropped eggs happen and a great deal of life and living is all about cleaning up messes.

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