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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Bring them a plate anyway....."

Hello Everyone! I'm about to lay-out a rant here, but I want to preface it by saying I mindfully practice acceptance and give a good benefit of the doubt when personal philosophies differ from my own. I get it, that we all have a different bent on life and living. That said, this little nugget of "advice" really irks the carbs right out of me. From Feb/March issue of "Taste of Home" food magazine page 78 in big bold letters: Mom's Best Advice: If you offer people food and they say "No, thank you," what they really mean is "Yes, please!" Bring a heaping plate anyway.

Shame on you Taste of Home!

To me this is wrong on so many levels! "NO" means no be it NO food, NO drink, No fries, NO dessert, etc. NO is NO. Presuming someone means the opposite when they have mustered the courage to decline a food offering for whatever reason is extremely disrespectful. When an alcoholic says no to a drink does that mean yes? When a type I diabetic says no to candy does that mean yes? NO is NO!

As recovering obese people don't we struggle enough? We know who the food pushers in our lives are and we collaborate with other WLSers to evolve strategies that support our weight management goals in the face of those who may knowingly or unknowingly sabotage our efforts. It is hard work and the battle never ends. Do we really need, in 2013, a mainstream magazine encouraging people to push food upon those who have declined?

Yes, I know Taste of Home is not written for people minding their weight, but as a food magazine of any sort this ADVICE is highly irresponsible and offensive. They could have just as easily said mom's best advice is to disrespect all who sit at your table. I hope their readers spot this bad advice and toss it on the compost heap.

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