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Monday, May 20, 2013

Is the 5 Day Pouch Test Dangerous?

Hello everyone! 

I've had a couple emails today asking "Is the 5 Day Pouch Test dangerous?" We addressed this question in the 5DPT Bulletin in January. Here is that article and a link to the bulletin for your reference:

Is the 5DPT Dangerous?

Recently someone wrote to say they were afraid to do the 5DPT because they read in a forum that the plan is dangerous. Dangerous how? I asked. Because it is a liquid diet, came the response. Apparently there was some confusion about the plan as a whole. A liquid diet should only be followed under the care and supervision of a qualified health care professional. The 5 Day Pouch Test plan includes two days of eating liquid meals but the definition of liquids includes things beyond protein shakes and clear broth. Our Day 1 & 2 liquids include delicious soups made of wholesome vegetables and meat protein. It is not necessary to puree the soups as the chewing of braised meats and vegetables is a critical step in initiating the digestive process that leads to digestion and satiation. These soups are so wholesome and delicious that many people continue to enjoy the recipes beyond the 5DPT.

Link below to continue reading the discussion: 5DPT Bulletin January 2013

5 Day Pouch Test Website

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