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Friday, April 04, 2014

Project 2014 - Spring Season Starts Sunday 4/6/2014

Hello Group and who else is thinking "TGIF"?
Link: LivingAfterWLS Project 2014 Facebook Group

Project 2014 Update

Be prepared and watch for our all new Spring Season of Project 2014 - your Unit 1 will be delivered via email Sunday and we are on schedule for a full 13-week season of lessons, learning, and LIVING! We will also post Season 2 Unit 1 here and on the LivingAfterWLS website.

Season 1 Review:

In the meantime how about pulling out your Project 2014 binder and reviewing the Season 1 Units 1-7.

In review of your Quarterly Self-Assessment (Unit 2) how are you doing? You know we have the new quarter self-assessment to do this month, have you given thought to this exercise?

One reason I encourage all of us to do our journal exercises and self-assessments is that when it comes down to the hard cold truth - each of us is personally the guardian of our own health and progress. We can get all kinds of advice from professionals, family and friends, support group peers, and even the random stranger or late night infomercial host. But when it comes down to it, only we are 100% invested in our personal health and well being. Keeping records and marking progress is a priceless tool in our quest for improved health management, weight management, and better living.

Okay - got my nagging done! Get those binders out today and tomorrow and make sure you've completed the exercise best you can. Our Spring schedule is rigorous, be ready for it! You are going to enjoy it.

All of the Season 1 - Winter files are located under the FILES tab located just below the group logo on this page (Facebook group). You can also find them on the LivingAfterWLS website on this page: Project 2014  

We have many silent participants who prefer not use Facebook - no problem. Sign-up for the emails & get the downloads on our website page: Project 2014

Download Tech Support: Also - we get many emails asking us to help individuals learn how to download files. We do not offer tech support for the end users' computer or device. Our job is to provide great content in free files presented in the most commonly accepted format. If you do not know how to access and print these please talk to your device manufacturer or the smarty-pants-computer-genius you know. We simply do not have the resources to offer computer and device tech support.

Review these units from Season 1 - Winter:
Unit 1 - Program Structure
Unit 2 - Self-Assessment
Unit 3 - Today Inspired
Unit 4 - The Four Rules
Unit 5 - Vitamins & Supplements & WLS
Unit 6 - Recipes - the Sensational Power of Soups
Unit 7 - Slider Foods

We will build on the ideas and concepts from Season 1 and we boogie our way through Season 2. Are you ready?

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