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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What the *HAIL* Happened?

Season II: Spring Unit 4
Life is Abloom and Inspired

Visit the Project 2014 newsletter here: Spring Season: Unit 4

Are you down in the dumps after WLS?

Welcome to Season II - Spring of our LivingAfterWLS Project 2014. I am so pleased you have joined me for this exciting and meaningful approach to health and weight management using our weight loss surgery tool empowered by our collective knowledge and strength. I hope Spring abounds in your area - here in Wyoming we were pounded with hail on May 7 doing damage to plants, vehicles, and structures. And of course there was the day-long mandatory post-storm power outage just to increase the frustration factor. I suppose a mid-spring hail storm from out of nowhere is quite like a dumping episode. After it hits you wonder what the "HAIL" happened.

In this unit we take a good detailed look at dumping syndrome.

Dumping syndrome is a phenomenon, primarily reserved for Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y patients which is characterized by unpleasant symptoms when the patient's blood sugar is adversely affected by simple sugars, simple carbohydrates, and fatty foods. When these foods are rapidly absorbed by the small intestine dumping syndrome may occur. Some Roux-en-Y patients never seem to experience dumping, others are surprised when some foods trigger an episode and others do not, and still there is always the surprise dumping event that occurs on food that has previously been enjoyed without incident. Learn more - link to the download:

Spring Season 2: Unit 4 Download

Have a terrific week, stay safe and prepared. Thank you for joining me!

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