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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

LivingAfterWLS Publication Pricing

Dear loyal Friends and Readers:
We have so truly appreciated your support of the LivingAfterWLS publications for nearly 10 years.
It has come to our attention that some unauthorized vendors are listing our books at obscene prices for sale on Amazon. Please be assured that this is not the practice of myself or LivingAfterWLS, LLC. We are horrified to learn this and thus far have received no corrective assistance from Amazon.

Therefore we issue this plea to you:
When considering buying one of our titles please
be sure to look at “BUYING OPTIONS" and select
your purchase from the LivingAfterWLS Store.
We are not responsible for (and are disgusted by)
unauthorized vendors listing our books at obscene
prices to discourage your purchase.

We plead with you not to support these merchants.
Our fair trade prices are shown here in this graphic.
We invite you to shop at LivingAfterWLS Bookstore!

Thank you so much!

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