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Monday, November 14, 2005

Pre-Op Thanksgiving:
One Member's Strategy

One of our community members, Jerry Ann is having her WLS one week after Thanksgiving, but that's not stopping her from adopting a healthy WLS mindset for the great American feast next week. She writes, "My surgery won't be until a few days after Thanksgiving. But I'm trying to get in the mind-set of one who has had WLS. I'm trying to put more emphasis on who I spend the holiday with, rather than what we're going to eat. I'm hoping for a day of fellowship and not having to undo my pants at the end of the meal!"

Here is Jerry Ann's detailed plan for Thanksgiving:

  • I plan to eat a regular breakfast and not "save my hunger" for the gorging.

  • I plan to have fresh veggies to munch on as I'm cooking and to serve to my guests before dinner.

  • I'm going with a menu that is fresh and different from what we've had before: Turkey breast; green beans; asparagus, I'll serve the standard potatoes, corn, and bread. But I feel confident I can bypass the bread and take only a couple of tablespoons of potatoes or corn--but no corn pudding, no stuffing, no gravy, no broccoli casserole, no sweet potatoes.

  • I still plan to fix some favorites--like crème Brule. But I'm swearing to only have a bite. I'm not fixing stuffing. There are several specialties I'm leaving off the menu. I don't need them. And really, my guests don't either. If the foods that I should avoid aren't there, I can't eat them.

  • Here's to a Thanksgiving for giving thanks for the opportunity I'm going to have to regain my health and a more energetic lifestyle.

  • Thanks, Jerry Ann, for sharing your great plan! We wish you the best as you begin your new life!!

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