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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nov 7: Monday Message From Kaye

Hello Everyone!

Please send your warm wishes to seven of the LivingAfterWLS community members who will undergo surgery this week: Sherita, Ava, Darcy, Karen, Sharon, Bob and Marlene. We wish them each good health and a speedy recovery as they begin their new lives. Congratulations!

Community Member Updates:

Remember Malu, our friend in the Philipines? She is doing well and reports she is down 59 pounds and wearing a size 22 ladies clothing. She works in retail and this is a busy time of year for her, but she is doing well.

Our member Margo, the one who suffered the gastrogastric fistual shortly after her WLS, is seeing improvements. She writes, “I am doing better as far as the WLS aftermath. I am still struggling to get enough protein and fluids down, but I am eating more "real" food-tuna and chicken and egg salad, protein drinks souped-up with yogurt and frozen berries, even soy chips when I absolutely have to have a bit of crunch.

I went to the nutritionist my surgeon recommends, and she was very helpful. I am still 'way too weak, but slowly, very slowly am adding activities. I'm back to the gym once a week, doing physical therapy, shopping for myself, everyday things that I've been unable to do for quite a while.”

And do you remember Sara? She’s the one who started her walking program while still in the hospital after having WLS. She is down 69 pounds and doing great. She wrote to me, “Last weekend, I was a parent chaperone for my son’s school outdoor club. We went on an overnight trip to the school’s farm in Wisconsin where we cleared trails for hiking, snowshoeing and x-country skiing. I lead a team of 6 kids for a whole day of hard labor (sawing out trees, clearing prickly ash, pruning limbs) and hiked more than 6 miles that day, including a night hike in the woods. We played games that I never heard about growing up in Los Angeles (“Thicket,” “Ghost in the Graveyard” and “Kick the Can”) and I went at it with full gusto, even falling flat on my face a couple of times in the thick brush at night. The whole trip, I kept thinking, there is no way I could have done this trip 60 lbs ago. I used to teach Outward Bound in the summer (to delinquent boys of high IQ, but that’s another story), and I now see the real possibility of returning to the active, outdoorsy lifestyle. I think, however, I will leave the delinquent boys and rock climbing behind….”

WLS Blogs

Be sure to acquaint yourself with the WLS Blogs listed to the right. These are online journals being kept by real people who also happen to have weight loss surgery, or like Big Grandma and Sandi – about to have WLS. If you are a community member keeping a WLS blog drop me an Email– I love to hear from you!

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    Have a great week!

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