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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Kaye's Monday Message

Hello Everyone!

It’s a new week and a new month – the “Dog Days of Summer!” What goal have you set to better embrace your new life after WLS? I’ve set a goal to walk 60 fitness miles – a big goal for me - but I believe I can do it. I WANT to do it. I WILL do it. I will do it for me, for my mental health and my physical wellness. Have you set an August goal? Tell us about it in the “Comments” section of this post.

Warm Wishes
: We have five community members undergoing surgery this week to begin their new lives. Please send warm wishes to Kelly, Hope, Lisa, Maggie and Nancy. Congratulations on beginning your new life.

Early Success: I want to brag about one of our community members, Sara. She had her surgery last Thursday and came home with sore calf muscles. Why sore calves? Because she started her walking program immediately after surgery and logged four hours (YES! 4 hours) of walking in the 24-hours from the recovery room to her discharge from the hospital! The hospital staff nicknamed her “Energizer Bunny.” Talk about inspiring! Way-to-go Sara! This woman is an extraordinary individual who has endured much in her life – I hope she will elect to share her story with LivingAfterWLS very soon. Keep up the good work, Sara, and thanks for the inspiration.

Help Needed: Last week I called your attention to a friend of one of our community members who is in urgent need of a liver transplant. Our prayers continue to go out to Shari as she fights for life. Please link to Shari Kurzrok’s site for a downloadable flyer that can be distributed to hospitals, fire and police departments and posted on bulletin boards. Shari has made her career leading fundraisers for the American Red Cross – now is a chance to give back to her.

August Newsletter: To all the LivingAfterWLS subscribers – I hope you received and enjoyed your August issue “You Have Arrived – Food Is Not The Enemy”. For the first time, the monthly newsletter included an 11-page Word document of recipes for living and eating well after WLS. If you are a new reader please subscribe to receive this important newsletter – Free!

Have a great week & enjoy LivingAfterWLS!



Hummingbird1964 said...

My goal for August is to be consistent in my training for my next 10K run (Oct. 16) by getting 25 miles in a week...EVERY WEEK! My first 10k was last Sunday and I finished in 1:20:25 which was 10 minutes faster than I had allowed myself. However, that also told me that if I had trained more consistently in the previous months I could have done much better. My trouble is if I take time off from running... a day turns into a few days, or a week or two. Before I know it I have lost the mileage I built up and have to start again...why do I do that to myself?!?!

Charged up from Sunday, I decided to check out a local running club so I could make new friends. Humiliation is the only word to describe what I felt when I lost sight of the slowest member of the pack of 20 (an old man running in sandals) after only 1.5 miles. I turned and ran back to the starting point with my tail tucked between my legs. I also found out's impossible to cry and feel sorry for yourself while you are running. At least I couldn't manage it, and I REALLY REALLY wanted to!
I'm not giving up, though. I'll be back again next Tuesday and the one after that until I can keep sight of the back of the pack for the whole 5 miles. Who knows, maybe someday I'll actually get to run WITH those jack rabbits instead of just trailing them.

WLS 10/03

Kaye Bailey said...


You are so inspiring and honest. I love to read your posts - you add so much to this site. I'm looking forward to reading/posting your Success Story! (hint hint)

Best wishes,

Hummingbird1964 said...

Thank you Kaye...hint taken. Now if I can only learn to post my comments in the right place. steps, baby steps!