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Friday, July 01, 2005

The LivingAfterWLS Suite
Making Sense of It

As we are working toward a full-fledged community here at LivingAfterWLS we’ve brought into play several elements. Just to keep things straight here’s a little rundown on what we have to offer: is the “Mother Ship” the main website for us. Lots of articles and information – the site is updated twice a month. is the daily journal or “web log” or "blog" for LivingAfterWLS. This site offers readers the chance to comment or leave feedback. I try to add new things daily. This site contains success stories and recipes as well as general information and WLS inspired topics.

“You Have Arrived” newsletter is the monthly newsletter for our site available exclusively by subscription (unless you receive it from a friend, and we like that!) Each month one or two special editions are also issued.

Bloglet daily updates are an automatic service you can subscribe to through the site. Once a day you receive an email "bloglet" letting you know the blog is updated and introducing the topics of the day. A bloglet subscription automatically gets you the newsletters.

Link for our full subscription policy.

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