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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Whose Clothes Are THESE Little Things?

Have you found yourself asking that when you are taking care of your very own “little” clothes since losing weight with gastric bypass weight loss surgery? Men and women alike, after experiencing massive weight loss, enjoy a wonderment, a shock & awe, as they see their new clothes which appear to be so small. Can this really fit me? we ask. Or sometimes we simply state, “Oh, this will never fit me.” We still see ourselves as large and morbidly obese.

I was telling some friends about a dress I’m wearing to a party this evening. “My dress is so sexy - I am looking at it thinking can I really wear that thing? (as images of the Little Fat Girl wedged into a sausage casing fill my demented head). The dress is knee-length navy blue knit, one shoulder and very fitted - think Marilyn Monroe! I'm wearing red strappy 4" sandals and a red beaded handbag! I'm dying here! Can this be ME?????”

It’s been over five years since I’ve lost my weight, yet I still cannot believe this dress will fit me. In many ways I hope the excitement and thrill never fades. On the other hand wouldn’t it be nice to accept myself as I am now and quit picturing the Little Fat Girl when I see myself?

My friend and our frequent contributor Kim, wrote to me, “It is funny how we can't imagine ourselves in our clothing. I had shrunk a white T-shirt (it was a dry flat number and I accidentally tossed it in the dryer). It came out looking like a shirt for a 9-year-old. I figured that I'd put it on and wear a blouse over the top...sort of wear it like a cami. Was I surprised when it was actually big on me. It just floors me and I know that it will be a long time for me to finally realize what size I actually am.”

The funny thing, when I hold up that last pair of giant pants I can’t imagine that they ever fit me. So where is the happy medium and how do I truly picture myself?

Another friend is the mother of a WLS patient. After hearing about my dress Maxine responded, “I look forward to seeing my daughter in your shoes! And when she goes out for a gala event and pasta alfredo is an entree and she chooses the palate cleanser because she knows how dayyam good she looks and feels.and what it took for her to become who she is. So much too look forward to Kaye”

Yes, Maxine. So much to look forward to!

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