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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kabuki’s Kitchen:
Entertaining Graciously

Often times after weight loss surgery we tend to think our days of entertaining or socializing are over – we can’t do that anymore. We feel a sense of deprivation if we are among others who can indulge in foods we can no longer enjoy. But really, we do not need to deprive ourselves the joy of entertaining and socializing.

Our own Kabuki Dancer is a beautiful example of one who is thriving as a WLS patient and entertaining in a world full of “normal” people. This past weekend she hosted a pool party and she did it graciously with thoughtfulness for herself and her invited guests.

The first thing Kabuki did right was to make sure her own dietary and palate needs were met with the foods she served. “I made a fruit and cheese plate, so beautiful. I rolled flour tortillas with ham and cheese and sliced them in spirals. I ate a lot of the fruit and had three spirals of the tortilla with ham and cheese. It was all good. As you know, food still figures mightily in my life.”

In addition, for her invited guests she made pigs-in-the-blanket for the children, Cuban sandwiches and served chips, cashews and truffles. She also served dessert. “I baked two cakes, neither of them conducive to our health but they were so well received by the crowd that I felt like I had standing ovations. One was a chocolate cake with a cream cheese topping and a coconut and pecan crust, and the other was a freezer cake of mandarin oranges and cool whip and condensed sweetened milk over an orange cake batter.”

And then, in gracious Kabuki style she sent food home with her guests. “I let people take food home with them and the desserts, I divided up among my neighbors who really love my baked goods. There are two pieces of orange cake left for my husband when he wants it.”

Our own Kabuki Dancer – Living Well & Eating Well after WLS. Thank Kabuki for sharing with us your beautiful self!

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