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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Kabuki’s Kitchen: Snack Treats

Today in Kabuki’s Kitchen we’re featuring snacks – safe snacks for living after gastric bypass surgery. One is a protein dense savory baked chickpea snack – you’ll be surprised how scrumptious this treat is. Then to help cool off in the dog days of summer, a frozen sugar free pop. Give these recipes a try. And as always, many thanks to Kabuki Dancer for sharing her recipes and beautiful spirit with us.

Sugar-Free Popsicle

Chickpea Crunches


Kim said...

Warning to the popcicle recipe!!! You must be FULLY awake when preparing this simple dessert. I just put it together (strawberry/cherry blend). I wasn't paying attention, or maybe it's just too hot out, but my finger slipped and I dropped one of the little cups after filling it with a half cup of the RED mixture. It went everywhere! I had to tear apart my entire oven, clear off the counters, etc. Everything within a 4 foot radius has now been cleaned with Softscrub with bleach. I have white tile with white grout...what a mess! So, unless you would like to incorporate your workout for the day with the preparation of this dessert, be sure that all of your fingers are awake! Geez...

Kaye Bailey said...

Oh, Kim! What a mess! I hope you still had some left to freeze and enjoy for a cool treat! At least now you have a very clean kitchen!