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Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Crazy Things People Say

As we enjoy massive weight loss after gastric bypass it seems the people around us get foot-in-mouth disease. Most of the time they are trying to deliver a sincere compliment, but oops! Does it come out bad sometimes! One day I heard a yell across a crowded restaurant of all places – “Kaye! Where’s the other half of you? You’ve shrunk!” I wanted to crawl under the table and never get out because I was with people who didn’t know me when there was another half to love!

Kabuki Dancer had a similar experience last weekend. She said a woman shouted out to her, “Oh my god! Did you lose like 100 pounds?” Can you imagine? But our good spirited Kabuki took it in stride, she wrote “To be honest with you, I did not even know her name. I guess I am wrong when I reassure everyone that we are just blips on other people's radar, I guess I was a blimp on her radar.” LOL!

With similar humor Kim Stover told me “A personal favorite is how everyone thinks that you are now living a wild and crazy life. "Don't you just find yourself with so much more energy?" No, I don't. I find that I don't take naps anymore, but as I've said before, I was great at being fat.”

Kim added that people monitor her diet for her. She said, “From those who know about my surgery I am asked "Can you eat that???" I really enjoy the folks that monitor what goes in my mouth. Makes me realize that they had to have been keeping track prior to WLS as well. That list must have been lengthy!”

What crazy things have people said to you? Post your comments here!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the crazy talk – it means people are noticing the New You!!



Diane; AL said...

I taught a workshop this past week. I do this on a yearly basis. Needless to say this time last year I was much heavier.
I ran into someone who actually told me I was not me. To quote her,"no, the Diane I know was fat. That can't be you." I had to show her my drivers license(I haven't renewed them yet)to prove I was actually me. Boy, was her face red!!!

Kaye Bailey said...

Her face may have been red, but I bet you were beaming inside! What a great success you are, Diane! Thanks for your comment.