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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Aloha Sweet Meliss
Travel Safely My Friend

Once in a while a special person comes into our lives who has the wisdom of the ages, the wit of a joker and the heart of queen. I met this person through her blog, Big Grandma. Meliss. Sweet Meliss. Aloha Meliss.

She started blogging prior to her weight loss surgery last winter. She shared her ups and downs, some pretty funny moments and keen observations in life. A native Hawaiian Meliss speaks Hawaiian Pidgeon and she writes in the same dialect.

When the LivingAfterWLS introduced the Neighborhood Forums in March Meliss became an instant super-star, the first to welcome neighbors, lend encouragement and sometimes deliver a swift kick. To one newcomer she wrote, "Aloha, Welcome Braddah to the neighborhood. No can go wrong with us here to give you support and lots of hugs and kick ass when you need it." She embodies the true spirit of neighborliness and loyal friendship. She told another new neighbor, "We all have the same goals...........a healthier and longer life."

Meliss is both powerful and fragile. We've shared some breakdowns and celebrated her rise above life's bumps. After a recent bout with injury and discouragement she rose like the sun tell us, "I woke up this morning, feeling so good inside, deep in the core of me. I am ready to face the world again with a smile." On the same day she was feeling emotionally low she unselfishly reached out to another with words of encouragement, "This is another rainbow after the rain moment in your life."

If you've been reading Big Grandma you know she has packed her bags to leave her native Hawaii and move with her husband to San Antonio. She'll be off line for a few weeks and we will miss her terribly.

Godspeed Meliss - Travel safe.

And to borrow your personal phrase, "A suppppppaaaaaaaaaaah duuupaaaaaaaaaaaah happy happy hug!" You are loved.


Kim said...

Your words are brilliant. Meliss is a super special person with a heart the size of Texas. She most definately will not "blend in", but will instead stand up and make herself known. Texas is supppaaahh duuuuppaaah lucky to have our sweet Meliss.

Melissa said...

I am so humbled by this honor. I am speechless and have been speechless for awhile since reading it. I am just being me, nothing more. Giving back to others what you Kaye and Kim have given me is a pleasure. Mahalo plenty for everything.