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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maintenance Rocks! Changing Seasons

Ok - I'm going to take a moment and toot my own horn..... (forgive me 'o ye gods of humility)

Today was *change-over* day for me. Seasonal change-over, that is, where I bin-up my Autumn & Winter clothes and shake out my stowed Spring & Summer clothes. I cranked up my "Tropical Vacation" play list and got busy folding sweaters and shaking the winter-woogies out of the shorts and tank tops. I welcomed back some old friends from my first goal weight summer. Little shorts, tank dresses and sassy shorts-'n-top sets. Many of these were from my original (and costly) shopping freenzy late summer 2000 and early spring sale 2001. Today my *MOMENT* came when I realized that these ancient things still fit. WLS Maintenance is possible. That for many years I've been the same friggin' size (save it for the occasional 10+ or 10- fluctuation). Whoooo-hooooo!!!!

The bad news??? I really don't need to buy another piece of clothing - - I've got a closet a'plenty. But what about all those darling Spring fashions calling my name? Ahhhh... that be the dark side of maintenance.

I cannot believe how profound the "little clothes" memories are for me. As I unfolded each item and organized my dressing area it was a living scrapbook in fiber, buttons and thread. No doubt a freakish waste of gray brain matter, but I remember my first "normal" girl shorts, my first bra-top tank dress and my first ever Guess Jeans. And here they all are ---- ready for another good Summer run.

Yes --- I struggle --- last fall my weight was well above my appropriate weight. But today I'm in my game, I'm living my life and my little clothes are ready for fun fun fun in the sun.

now where'd I put that sunless tanner.......

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