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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kaye Answers: Veggies on the 5 Day Pouch Test

5 Day Pouch Test Frequently Asked Question: What role do vegetables and fruit play in the plan?

I am pleased that so many people include vegetables and fruit as part of their healthy post-WLS diet. Often labeled "good carbs" vegetables are an important part of our nutritional plan. But I dare say that few people have become out-of-control in a carb cycle eating vegetables or fruit. It is the simple carbohydrates (processed food or starches) that cause a carb-addiction due to the chemical reaction they cause that affects our blood glucose levels.

The high protein diet we were instructed to follow after surgery works to facilitate weight loss because protein requires so much energy to digest that we use stored energy (fat) just to process it. In addition protein is loaded with wonderful amino acids that make our bodies strong and bring about healing. When people report weight loss with the 5 Day Pouch Test it is because they have pushed their body into high metabolic burn by eating protein rich food.

If you are presently enjoying a diet of lean protein and clean complex carbohydrates then you do not need to follow the 5 Day Pouch Test. You are eating in a way we commonly refer to as "Day 6". However, if you find yourself reaching for processed simple carbohydrates such as crackers, pretzels, chips, cookies, pasta or non-nutritional grains then using the 5 Day Pouch Test to break that cycle will help get you back on the track of nutritional eating.

Beginning on Day 6 after following the 5 Day Pouch Test plan fruits and vegetables should be one-third of your nutritional intake. I measure this with the 2B/1B Rhythm, 2 Bites Protein, 1 Bite Complex Carbohydrate. In addition fruits and vegetables should be used as ingredients to flavor protein with sauces or relish and the like. During the 5 Day Pouch Test, with the exception of the Carb Monster Soups, they do not play a leading role in our diet. Low-glycemic fruit may be eaten between meals on Days 1 & 2 to alleviate the symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal such as headache or nausea. I suggest a piece of melon, handful of berries, orange or apple.

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Gonzo R said...

Besides being very low in calories, Vegetables are really good for your health. They are easy to burn and make you feel light and good at the same time.