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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Weekend Neighbors

Greetings Neighbors & Happy Weekend!

'Tis another working weekend for me -- hopefully the last working weekend for a spell. You know, September is my absolute favorite month of the year and I have been in the office every single day but two this month. What's up with that? Note to agent: No more September book deadlines! What's wrong with a March deadline? Nobody wants to be outside in Wyoming in March for Mother Nature's sake! I'm not sure if I have told you guys but I have another book coming out on the heels of the Day 6 book so no rest for the girl who can't say "NO!" The book coming out in November is the "Nurturing Neighbors Support Group Leader's Manual" -- I have a feeling a lot of group leaders are going to enjoy this little helper.

You can reserve my new book: Day 6 - Beyond the 5 Day Pouch Test here

Yesterday was fantastic! I was in the city for meetings and had a chance encounter, at the manicurist of all places, with a most delightful woman who is none other than the highly regarded fiction writer Cherie Benett! She and her husband, Jeff Gottesfeld, have collaborated on several books. In addition they have written for the daytime dramas Another World and As the World Turns and Warner Brother's Smallville. She is a lovely and gracious person. You may see her in the Neighborhood soon as she is considering a lap-band procedure in hopes of relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I assured her our good Neighbors would extend a warm hand of welcome. It was a very special day!

With the cooler weather I have been keeping my personal commitment to walk puppy (Now 18 months old - ha!) Charvie every afternoon/evening. We have been taking long walks around our pond and down through the horse pasture. This is in addition to my early morning treadmill walk. I just want to say what good nature does the soul after a long day at work staring down the face of technology. I feel so blessed that I can and AM making time for this priority. And I think my little (95-pound) dog likes it too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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