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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now on YouTube! What Next?

Hello Neighbors!

Where will the social media revolution end? First it was Blogger and I've been here since 2005. And of course there is the premier destination for all weight loss surgery friends: the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood.

This year I hooked up with Facebook and Twitter to extend my networking. Now I can keep up with all my weight loss surgery friends no matter where I go on the Internet. And let's not forget the convenience of portability enjoyed from the mobile phone features!

And now -- I've taken the ultimate leap and put myself out there on YouTube. This has taken a leap of courage for me. You already know I speak to support groups and at conferences and I love meeting
you in person and looking into your beautiful faces as we share the weight loss surgery journey. I love meeting you, hearing your story, making eye contact and knowing we are all in this together. Personal meetings, are for me, a mutual exchange of sharing, hope and empowerment. But with the YouTube I have to pull out all the stops and give it up for a big black unresponsive eyeball! That's a tough gig, putting on a stage presence for a big black eye, but I'm trying.

You can subscribe to my channel, Daily Kaye Bailey on You Tube, and catch my updates. I'm new to this and I am quite open to your hints, suggestions and ideas to make this a better feature to compliment the growing LivingAfterWLS collection of resources to support our weight loss surgery way of life.

Here is a look at yesterday's installment of Daily Kaye Bailey:

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becki.campbell said...

I heard the other day on the radio that if you go up and down on your tip toes, it will wake you up and get the blood flowing. I do it with my kindergartens and it works!