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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Four Must Try Recipes from the Neighborhood

We are always looking for great weight loss surgery recipes that are economical, delicious, family friendly, and easy for our busy schedules. Over the years we've collected some great recipes in the Neighborhood Kitchen - here are a few that are getting quite a bit of attention lately. Just click the link to go directly to the recipe and let's get cooking!

Taco Lasagna by Beverley
"Made this on the weekend for my hubby's birthday everyone loved it. I had it for lunch again today and it tasted even better than last night."

Sour Cream Chicken Engiladas by smiles93536
OK so we all know that Mexican food is not the best type of food to eat. It is loaded with fat and calories...and ooo sooo good. I found another recipe and made it for dinner tonight. It is a keeper and will fulfill any jonsing you will have for Mexican food. A serving is 2 enchilada's and I ate both of them. I used the low carb taco size tortilla's so I am assuming that the carbs and calories are a wee bit less. Either was within my caloric allowances.

Navy Bean Salad by ~Jane~
I've been playing in the kitchen this week! I tweeked some recipes from my grandmother, Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart, then I added some LAWLS You Have Arrived Finishing Salt and ZOWIE did it turn out nice!

Chicken Pizza by Steph Cott
It's Delicious! No crust, lots of vegetables. A great Day 6 and Beyond recipe. The chicken, once pounded cooks quickly. There is no reason to pre-cook. Keeps preparation and cleanup simple.

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