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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaye Bailey Article Syndication

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Kaye Bailey, Expert AuthorRecently syndicated articles by internationally recognized weight loss surgery expert Kaye Bailey:

Four Truths About Weight Regain After Weight Loss Surgery
Nobody undergoes weight loss surgery thinking weight regain will happen to them. But statistics indicate that 80 percent of those who undergo gastric bypass, gastric banding, or gastric sleeve weight loss surgery will at some point regain some of the weight they lost initially with the surgery. Learn four truths about weight gain after weight loss surgery.
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Emergency Preparedness For Weight Loss Surgery Patients
Weight loss surgery patients should take some extra steps in preparing an emergency readiness kit for use in the event of a natural or national disaster. Here are some good suggestions for preparing a special needs kit for the bariatric patient.
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Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome - Three Foods That Cause It
As pre-op weight loss surgery patients we are taught to fear the mysterious dumping syndrome and in most cases we are told that avoiding sugar will prevent the occurrence of dumping syndrome. So it comes as a surprise when after having a malabsorptive gastric surgery we experience symptoms that we think are dumping syndrome, yet sugar has not crossed our lips. In this article we take a look at dumping syndrome so that we can understand the full picture - beyond the sugar - and avoid the foods that may cause it.
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Budget Tips For Eating Healthy After Weight Loss Surgery
After gastric bypass, gastric banding or gastric sleeve weight loss surgery we know we must follow a healthy high protein diet in order to lose weight and maintain weight loss. In these economic times it is natural to be concerned about the cost of a specialized diet. Follow these helpful tips to sustain your weight loss surgery diet without breaking the bank.
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