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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Down & Dirty on Dumping

Today's article section links to several important and helpful articles about dumping syndrome. Take a look and see how you fit in a generalized picture of this phenomena that many of us consider both a blessing and a curse. Remember there is power in knowledge and we are all in this together!

Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome - Three Foods that Cause It
As pre-op weight loss surgery patients we are taught to fear the mysterious dumping syndrome and in most cases we are told that avoiding sugar will prevent the occurrence of dumping syndrome. So it comes as a surprise when after having a malabsorptive gastric surgery we experience symptoms that we think are dumping syndrome, yet sugar has not crossed our lips. In this article we take a look at dumping syndrome so that we can understand the full picture - beyond the sugar - and avoid the foods that may cause it. Full Article

Emergency First Aid For Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome
For patients of gastric bypass surgery an episode of dumping syndrome or rapid gastric emptying is physically dramatic and lifestyle disruptive. Prior to surgery patients are instructed to avoid sweet processed carbohydrates, greasy fried food and all simple carbs in order to avoid dumping syndrome. Inevitably, patients will at some point experience the symptoms of dumping after eating food that is too quickly absorbed in the small intestine. Learn what to do in the event of a gastric dumping episode. Full Article

Considering Weight Loss Surgery? Learn About Dumping Syndrome First
Morbidly obese people considering bariatric surgery typically have three surgical procedures to consider when discussing weight loss surgery with their doctor: gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeve. Dumping syndrome, an unpleasant physical reaction associated with malabsorptive gastric surgery, is one risk to be aware of when considering weight loss surgery. Full Article

Do Not Let Dumping Syndrome Ruin Your Summer Celebration
Summer is a time to celebrate warm weather, sunshine, good friends and good times - often with food and drink. But for people with weight loss surgery celebrations bring the potential for a dietary crisis called dumping syndrome that has the potential to ruin a day of good old fashioned summer time fun. Read More

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