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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weight Management with Weight Loss Surgery

Three Red Flag Warnings Leading to Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery
Before undergoing bariatric surgery for weight loss it is hard to imagine that we could possibly ever become one of "those people" who gain weight after losing it with the help of surgery. Sadly, at some point most patients who have gastric surgery as their last hope for weight loss eventually regain some weight back. It can happen quickly and without fanfare. Link here to learn about three red flags to watch for that may lead to weight regain.

Capture regain with 5 Day Pouch Test

Understanding the Liquid Restrictions of WLS
Liquid restrictions are imposed on patients of all bariatric procedures including gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding (lap-band) and gastric sleeve. For thirty minutes prior to eating and thirty minutes following eating patients are to abstain from drinking fluids. They must not partake of liquids while eating. Learn why liquid restrictions play a key role in weight loss for bariatric patients. Read Full Article

Restrict Liquids, Drink Lots of Water - HUH?
Making Sense of WLS Guidelines
In a country where food and drink go hand in hand weight loss surgery patients are challenged to follow the liquid restrictions as instructed by their bariatric center. But understanding and following the liquid restrictions plays a key role in long-term weight maintenance following gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or adjustable gastric banding (lap-band) surgeries. Learn more

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