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Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Neighborhood Postcard Swap - Join Us for Fun Mini-Vacay!

Welcome to the 2011 Neighborhood Postcard Swap! This is the least expensive most fun *Vacation* you will enjoy all year. Please take a minute to learn how it works and then join us! The Postcard Swaps -- as you can see below with KeepHerKitty in 2008 -- Have been tremendously successful. So let the fun begin!

What it is: Neighbors mail 6 unaddressed, but stamped postcards to one central location in a regular mailing envelope. Include in that envelope a note with your Neighborhood Display Name, Your Name and Postal Address. (All information is kept private and used for the single purpose of this Swap.) The postcards are collected here at LivingAfterWLS and everyone who sends in 6 postcards will receive 6 postcards mailed randomly throughout August. Just when you need a little pick-me-up you will find a cheerful and fun postcard in the mail -- real live touchable mail -- from one of your Neighbors! A chance to see the world and enjoy the beauty and diversity of our close-knit global Neighborhood! Follow the detailed instructions below and get ready to vacation right from your very own spot in this Safe Haven Circle of FriendS!

Postcard Swap: Opens July 9, 2011 and Closes July 30, 2011.

Step 1 US Neighbors: Purchase 6 Postcards from your local area or while on vacation. Write a cheerful greeting on each postcard and adhere proper US postage* to each postcard.

*US Postal Service Postcard Info:
Postcards - $0.29
Size limits:
Minimum: 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long by 0.007 inch thick
Maximum: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high
Additional postage required for larger postcards

Step 1: International Neighbors: Purchase 6 Postcards from your local area or while on vacation. Write a cheerful greeting on each postcard. Do not apply postage from your country because the cards will mail to recipients from the US and must have US postage on them. I will adhere US postage on the postcards you have provided to the swap. In addition, I will personally adjust the postage on the stamped cards from the Neighbors that we will be sending to you across International borders. This will ensure that all postcards arrive to their recipient without a fuss! Continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Place all postcards in one envelope addressed to:
2011 Neighborhood Postcard Swap
c/o LivingAfterWLS
PO Box 311
Evanston, WY 82931

Please note - additional postage may be required on this envelope. Please check the weight and adjust accordingly or have your friendly USPS Postal Clerk calculate the postage for you.
USPS First Cost Postage:
1 Ounce: $0.44
2 Ounces: $0.64
3 Ounces: $0.84

Step 3: Include a note with the postcards that contains the following information so that we can properly address the postcards from other Neighbors that we will be sending to you.
Neighborhood Display Name
First & Last Name
City, State Zip Code

Step 4: Place sealed stamped envelope containing your postcards in the mail between July 9 and July 30. Post here to this thread that you are participating and your cards have been mailed! This helps build the excitement as we learn how many Neighbors are participating.

Step 5: Enjoy your August Vacation from around the Neighborhood with each surprise arrival of a postcard! And report back here when you receive your swap postcards!

If you have any questions please post here! I hope I've explained the process. It is simple and fun! So Join Us! Link to the Neighborhood & let us know you are taking a Vacation with us!

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