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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rule #2 - Lots of water

Summer is here with searing hot temperatures across much of the country. Now is a good time to refresh our memory on the weight loss surgery Rule #2 - Drink lots of water. As a general rule we need to nourish and flush our bodies with 65 ounces of water a day -- minimum. In our January LivingAfterWLS refresher course of the Four Rules we discussed water intake at length. You can find the newsletter in our Archive: LivingAfterWLS Newsletters
Today's LivingAfterWLS Digest is the second in our New Year's refresher series about the Four Rules. We are looking at Rule #2 - Lots of Water. Water consumption and weight loss is old news to those of us who are lifelong dieters. We know drinking water flushes away toxins and facilitates weight loss. As weight loss surgery patients we must make water intake a priority, but we also have to manage water intake around our quirky liquid restrictions. Frankly it can be a hassle sometimes to meet the daily requirements of Rule #2 - Lots of Water. Today's digest features several articles about the hows and whys of water consumption. Take a minute to fill your glass right now and then refresh your memory on this important rule. Remember, when we signed on for surgery we agreed to follow these rules -- for life! Bottoms up!
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