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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Safely Slim Protein Shake Mixes

Safely Slim Protein Shake Mixes

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Safely Slim Shakes: protein, calcium, fiber

Safely Slim stimulant free fat loss shakes are made with Protone which is clinically shown to target fat while maintaining muscle. Manufactured in the USA by Science Foods, LLC.

Safely Slimmer "What I love about these nutritional support drinks is not just the smooth texture and creamy flavor, but they add 10 grams of fiber to my diet per serving along with 20 grams high quality protein and 60% the RDV of calcium. Weight loss surgery patients will not find a more delicious nutritional powerhouse on the market." Kaye Bailey

Safely Slim Stimulant Free Fat Loss Shakes provides 20g protein per serving. Convenient single serving packets provide 20g protein, 10g dietary fiber, 110 calories. Clinically shown to reduce body fat. Delicious thick Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. Ideal for 5 Day Pouch Test, meal replacement or healthy protein first alternative to snacking. Easy to prepare using a glass & spoon, a shaker cup or blender. Adjust flavor by increasing or reducing the amount of water used. Safely Slim is the stimulant free complement to any diet and exercise program that promotes fat loss, not muscle loss. Sweetened with sucralose, 1 g sugar per serving. (Allergen Information: Contains milk, and soy lecithin ingredients).
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