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Sunday, January 29, 2012

5DPT: Questions, Answers & Hot Topics

Today we take a look back at the most frequently asked 5DPT questions in the last year. As the 5 Day Pouch Test has become more widely known information about it --both accurate and inaccurate-- abounds.
Kaye Bailey
Kaye Bailey
As the author of the plan this is a mixed blessing. I am pleased so many people have used the plan to get back to basics. On the other hand, glibly shared summations of the plan often lead to misunderstandings and disappointing results. I have seen the plan absurdly simplified to "just drink liquids for two days, then mushy food, then regular food. That's it."  Not so fast. What are the liquid options? What is mushy food? What about protein first? Where is mention of slider foods and liquid restrictions?  Simply put, the 5DPT is not that simple.

The 5DPT as it is written and presented online and in print is an organized approach to getting back to the WLS basics both mentally and metabolically. When followed with attention to details we hear great success stories that include restored feelings of pouch tightness and satiation, lost weight, increased energy and overall improved confidence and mental well-being. 

If you are going to invest five days into getting back on track then do it all the way. Take the program as a whole and immerse yourself in doing it right. Build that storm of enthusiasm and recreate the excitement you felt leading into surgery and the days and weeks that followed. Learn about yourself. Take notes and use the 5DPT 2-page journal. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and harness that knowledge to do better on Day 6 and Beyond.
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