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Monday, January 02, 2012

Hope is the fuel that turns dreams into reality


Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our first You Have Arrived Weekly Digest for 2012! Glad to have you with us. We look forward to providing more meaningful content and useful recipes and ideas in 2012. Today we talk about getting back on track with our weight loss surgery goals and lifestyle. It seems to me, whether we have strayed slightly or completely veered off course, the beginning of a new year is always an exciting energized time of renewed commitment. Like you, I hope to harness the excitement of a new beginning and make a fresh start of managing my health and weight with my WLS tool. I hope you will join me!   


Just a note: Our LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood refurbishing is a little behind schedule and we are still offline. But we have a good team of experts working on it and I hope to send you a message in the next day or two saying the Neighborhood gates are open, Come on In!  Thanks so much for your patience during this reconstruction. I promise, you are going to love all the new community features! 

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