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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May Tip 'o the Day - In the Neighborhood

Hello Neighbors!

Welcome to May Tip 'o the Day! This month I am excited to share a daily tip with you that will help us all learn more about the features here in the Neighborhood and make the most of them so we can improve our overall community experience. Please check this thread each day and take a minute to learn more about what the Neighborhood has to offer. And if you discover some neat trick or feature we haven't covered yet please post here for all to see. I learn tons from our Neighbors and I think collectively we can bring the house down when we learn more about getting around! :love0028:

May 1 - Tip #1
Update and share your status! You will notice on the right-hand column there is scrolling box, "Recent Status Updates." It's easy to update your status and share! Click the down arrow next to your display name in the upper right corner, on the top navigation bar. This opens the settings box like this:

Posted Image

Click your cursor in the field, "What's on your mind?" and type your status. This could be anything you want to share with Neighbors including WLS, hobbies, weather, friends, family, work, 5DPT --- whatever is on your mind. When you have typed your thoughts just click or and your status updates and feeds to the scrolling box on the main screen! You can add comments or comment on one another's status simply by clicking the "Comment" button just below the status update. This is a great quick way to share and connect without posting. Give it a try! I'll be watching for your updates! 

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