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Friday, November 02, 2012

NO! to Holiday Weight Gain

5 Day Pouch Test November Bulletin - in our archive today!
Link Here: November 5DPT Bulletin

Too busy for the 5DPT?

That's Okay! You can still use techniques and tricks to thrive during the Feasting Season. 

November 2012

This is your year to say NO! 
to holiday weight gain.

Greetings Neighbors!

Fall Flowers

To all of our Neighbors affected by Superstorm Sandy I send my heartfelt wishes and prayers for your safety and health. My heart aches for the suffering and destruction brought about by this act of nature. I am supporting your recovery efforts with a contribution dedicated to all LivingAfterWLS Neighbors to the American Red Cross. May peace be with us all.

This November 5DPT Bulletin is all about taking little steps to manage our weight with surgery. There is no question that the 5 Day Pouch Test has helped thousands of people get back on track with their WLS goals. One reason for this success is that the plan forces us to look at the very basics of the WLS lifestyle and return to the behaviors that helped us lose weight initially out of surgery. Sometimes all we need is a reboot, a reminder, an ah-ha moment of rediscovering a tool or technique we may have forgotten. Today's Bulletin is loaded with tools and techniques that work in our weight management and we can use them as part of a successful 5 Day Pouch Test or a less-dramatic reboot.  I know I need the occasional back-to-basics refresher course; I hope you will benefit from my experience.
Be sure to check-out today's Featured Recipe:Turkey Filled Colorful Peppers. Enjoy this on Days 4 or 5 of the 5 Day Pouch Test or anytime on Day 6!

We are all in this together!

You are more powerful than you think and
You Can Do This!


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