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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin: Top FAQs Right Now

January 5DPT Bulletin published to your Inbox and our newsletter archive. We answer the top trending questions you are asking about the 5DPT. Check it out!

Happy New Year! Thank you for joining me for our first 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin of 2014. I do hope your holidays were meaningful and inspired. And perhaps you are feeling a sense of excitement as we start this new year. I certainly am happy to start fresh in 2014 and have my sights set on dedicating myself to healthy behaviors and living well.

In this 5DPT Bulletin we address the questions people are asking right now about the 5DPT. One thing we have learned about our WLS community is that we have curious minds and an inquisitive spirit. We want to learn the things that support our ongoing weight management efforts. Some of the current hot topics include carbohydrate cravings and withdrawal, struggling on Days 1 & 2, understanding liquid restrictions, weight gain after the 5DPT, and living the Four Rules.

While this bulletin is a tad longer than our usual monthly publication we hope you will spend some time going over the topics. Sometimes it is the smallest nugget of wisdom that can make the greatest difference in our life.  I hope you find many helpful nuggets of knowledge here that serve you well in your life after weight loss surgery. Thank you for including the 5 Day Pouch Test as part of your experience.
I wish you the very best of health this New Year! You have the power to make this your healthiest year ever - Let's do it together! 

Kaye Bailey

Check out the bulletin here: 5DPT January 2014

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