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Monday, July 28, 2014

5DPT Special Edition - Hot Topics & FAQs

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Super hot of the press 5 Day Pouch Test Special Edition:  Semi-Annual FAQs. Look for this special feature newsletter in your email Inbox or check it out by linking below to our online archive. Trending topics include afternoon hunger, getting the 5DPT done perfectly, salads and veggies on the 5DPT menu, and what to have for breakfast. And for a matter of more sensitive nature we answer the question about gas and bloating and how to manage it during the 5DPT and beyond. Read More.

One of our most requested recipes is for the Fennel and Celery Soup that is recommended as a soothing preparation prior to beginning the 5 Day Pouch Test. We share the recipe in today's bulletin. Make this soup when your tummy needs a soothing tonic

You'll also find loads of great tidbits and tips to improve your 5DPT and Beyond experience. Don't miss this special edition newsletter.

Link to Special Edition

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