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Monday, August 04, 2014

Project 2014: Season III Begins!

LivingAfterWLS Project 2014 
Season III: Summer
Living well and empowered
Welcome to Season III - Summer of our LivingAfterWLS Project 2014. I am so pleased you have joined me for this exciting and meaningful approach to health and weight management using our weight loss surgery tool empowered by our collective knowledge and strength. We continued to pursue our goal in Season II - Spring to unite like-minded people through education, support, and lasting health sustainability using our surgical tool for weight loss and weight management. Our Facebook group grew to over 1200 members and we enjoy lively and supportive conversation daily.  We listened to feedback from our membership and have revamped our units and worksheets for Season III to feel less like homework and more like engaging fun. You will notice these changes beginning in Unit II. Like our other seasons, Unit 1 of Summer is the activity of completing the Personal Self-Assessment and making daily entries in our Today Inspired micro-diary. The worksheets are attached in this convenient PDF download.

We hope you love the new worksheets and find them useful tools in the ongoing pursuit of good health and weight management with weight loss surgery. As always we remain committed to our goal of uniting like-minded people through education, support, and community, while promoting health sustainability and weight management with weight loss surgery.

Season III: Unit 1:
Personal Empowerment - You are in control.
Download Season III Unit 1

Personal Responsibility:
Our best weapon against biology and environment WLS patients have a tremendous sense of personal responsibility in controlling their health through weight management with surgery. In summarizing the research on biology and environment in relation to obesity expert George Bray said, "Genes load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger." No wonder we struggle, even with surgical intervention, in the fight against obesity. Dr. Brownell attaches great hope to personal responsibility saying, "Calling on people to make better decisions and providing them with the skills to do so should always be the first step, always the default. This is consistent with our country's character and also with psychological principles; people who change through their own efforts have enhanced self-esteem and maintain the changes longer."

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