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Monday, August 18, 2014

Today Inspired: Monsters Under the Rug

(I posted this in our Project2014 Group and I'm sharing it here because I know so many of my friends are KeepHerKitty fans. I hope you enjoy this little look into KeepHer's world of the CAT-egoricly insane!)

Today Inspired - Happy Monday Members! My Today Inspired comes from KeepHerKitty - it's a bit of a stretch, so work with me here. KeepHer is my little calico cat, assistant and best buddy. Since last winter she's been obsessed with the bathroom rug and we started playing this game called "Monsters Under the Rug - Who You Gonna Call? KeepHer Kitty!" She enthusiastically attacks the rug or runs in fear of what is under the rug. She became so obsessed with monsters that she would get me up in the night over her imaginary fears of battles with the rug. I couldn't take it anymore. That cat was crazy! So I took the rug out and a calm has returned to the bathroom. No more rug under which to hide, no more monsters: fears abated.

So here's the leap. Sometimes the problem isn't the monsters, the problem is the rug that is hiding them. Sometimes the problem is the barrier that hides the unknown. So get rid of the rug and remove the barrier. Face down the monsters. Maybe they aren't even there.

Who you gonna call? KEEPHER - KeepHerKitty!  

(said to the Ghost Busters jingle).

See more of KeepHerKitty on my Pinterest Board: KeepHerKitty and on my sister blog, Crafting with Kaye.

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