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Friday, April 13, 2007

Back Across the Line

Hello Neighbors!!

I know that many of you in the LAWLS world are acquainted with Bamagal aka Diane. She contributed extensively to our Neighborhood Cookbook and is a strong leading presence in our Neighborhood community. It pleases me to introduce you to her new blog: Back Across the Line. Take a look.

She started it at the end of March and it is a fantastic resource of information, knowledge, common sense and wit -- it is Bamagal at her very best! I am so thrilled she has taken public her story because, like a prized diamond, her story is multifaceted. I don't know anyone who seeks knowledge more voraciously than Diane - she gets her facts in order and then she gets her opinions in order. I love this woman. She created a side-blog titled Helpful Links to share her vast collection of internet resources. Be sure to check it out as well (and thanks for including LAWLS on your list. )

Today she writes about "Fatblogging(TM)" --- a grassroots cyber movement for people to blog their diet experiences. "We are on a mission to spread the word of health, happiness, and humor, forgive all diet transgressions, overcome temptations, and to help you reach your goals! Remember it's health that matters, not size. Hallelujah!" Read the Full Post

Thanks for sharing, Bamagal - You make the cyber world a much better place.


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