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Friday, April 20, 2007

Going Green: April 22 is Earth Day

"May there only be peaceful and cheerful Earth Days to come for our beautiful Spaceship Earth as it continues to spin and circle in frigid space with its warm and fragile cargo of animate life."

--United Nations Secretary-General U Thant
March 21, 1971.

Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day - a multi-national holiday to celebrate planet earth. The first Earth day was in 1970. Today over 20 million people participate in observances and it is recognized by governments in 175 countries. From wikipedia: "The story goes that Earth Day was conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson after a trip he took to Santa Barbara right after that horrific oil spill off our coast in 1969. He was so outraged by what he saw that he went back to Washington and passed a bill designating April 22 as a national day to celebrate the earth."

For a list of Earth Day events visit Earthday Network.

Focus of many Earth Day activities this year is on "Going Gree" - making small changes to protect Mother Earth from global warming. I found a list of 101 Ways to get started and was pleased to see that many things we do in our new LAWLS lifestyle are on the Go Green list. Here are a few of my favorites:

-Weather permitting, take your exercise outdoors
-Skip the elevator and take the stairs
-Find new uses for old things
-Ride your bike
-Reuse your Ziplock bags (think vitamin baggies!)
-Unload your trunk; the lighter the load, the less gas your car consumes (think weight loss!)
-Bring your own bags to the grocery store
-Eat more veggies
-Eat what's in season
-Support recycling by buying products made from recycled materials
-Plant a garden
-Fill up your freezer, since the fuller it is, the less energy it uses to keep food frozen
-Spend more time outdoors

What are some of things you are doing to "Go Green"?

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