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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Declare Your Independence

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Presented with permission from our Living After Weight Loss Surgery Neighbor Judy Petite:

"Happy Birthday, USA! This month, this nation celebrates a time when we declared we would no longer be governed by another entitity that did not have our best interests at heart. No, our forefathers declared that our nation would freely and independently be in charge of its own affairs.

Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately? Have a look: Declaration of Independence

In this document, Thomas Jefferson listed the reasons for breaking with Great Britain. What a writer that man was! The bottom line was that the Colonials were being treated as second-class citizens while being taxed at first-class rates. He outlined the steps they had taken to correct the situation, but to no avail. The King retained his iron grip on the Colonies. The drastic step of revolution was the only chance to break that grip.

I can liken the feelings I had when I chose to undergo weight loss surgery! I was sometimes treated as second-class by others, but more importantly I actually considered myself to be second-class -- not as good or worthy as others. Yet I still had to live in the world, and my unhealthy body had more and more difficulty accomplishing the everyday tasks of getting around in life. I was ruled over -- governed -- by a tyrant called Morbid Obesity! I had tried to correct it -- diets, organizations of all kinds. Obesity retained its iron grip on me. The drastic step of WLS was my only chance to break that grip.

In choosing weight loss surgery, I declared to myself that "I am and of right ought to be free and independent from the bond of obesity" and that "Obesity's grip on my life is and of right ought to be totally dissolved". My declaration of independence!

The choice of our founding fathers for Revolution was a serious one. They pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. They followed through on that pledge and they succeeded.

The choice for WLS requires our pledge to ourselves as well! Life will never be the same. We commit ourselves to follow the rules, to be honest with ourselves, to change our habits to healthy ones. If we follow through, we can succeed!

Exercise is one of our most effective tools in our WLS revolution. It will rebuild the body that obesity injured; it will help us banish the pounds and it will help us keep them off. My commitment to regular exercise is my daily declaration to myself -- "Morbid Obesity ain't the boss of me!!!"

If you are not from the USA, I hope you'll forgive my patriotic post, but understand the spirit in which I share it. Whatever nationality you are, you too can break free from the tyrant of obesity!

Please feel free to post here regarding your fitness routine for July. Are you enjoying the outdoors? Are you building up your muscles, working on flexibility, building up your cardiovascular system? What do you love about your fitness routine?

Is exercise a challenge? Why? Tell us -- let us help you. In order to get the best result from your Revolution, exercise MUST become a part of your daily life. Don't hide from it! Bring it out, and let's work together.

Happy birthday, USA! And happy independence day to WLS'ers everywhere!


Well said, Judy! Thank you!

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