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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Neighborhood:
Community Upgrades & Membership

Our LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood - the online community we call a safe haven circle of friends - is now a little over 16-months old. During this time weight loss surgery patients from around the world have connected and shared their living after weight loss surgery experiences. Pre-ops have come aboard, asked questions and shared their excitement. And old timers have shared the wisdom that comes with experience. The Neighborhood has not been without struggles and the growing pains have been at times frustrating. But I wouldn't change a thing in my day, it is the Neighbors who empower me to keep doing my best with weight loss surgery.

We have adjusted our registration process to make it easier to successfully join the community, to keep spammers out and our borders safe. We now offer two levels of membership (described below). If you previously had problems registering please drop by again. I think you will like what you find.

Welcome to the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood forum - our safe haven circle of friends. We pride ourselves in being the premier online destination for those seeking empowering weight loss surgery support in a safe online environment.

I'm ready to be empowered!
Take me the registration page

We have two levels of registration so that we can provide for the specific needs of all those seeking long-term positive support in their weight loss surgery journey.

MEMBERS: Non-expiring free membership is open to anyone with a valid email address. Once registered you will be placed in the "Members" group and have access to the following forums: Welcome Neighbors, Introductions, Bulletin Board. The Town Square - LivingAfterWLS Knowledge Center including the forums WLS Chat; Power Tools for LivingAfterWLS; Diet, Nutrition & Supplements; Exercise & Fitness; Pre-Ops & Newbies; Men & Weight Loss surgery; Obesity, Health and Wellness. And access to The Picket Fence: LivingAfterWLS Social Center including the forums: Picket Fence, Celebration Page and Community Kitchen.

In addition, Members may participate in Live Chat, read the hosted Neighborhood Blogs and view the Gallery of photos. Members will not be able to create a blog or create a picture gallery due to the expense of bandwidth and hosting.

Registration Page

PREMIER CITIZENSHIP: For those who wish to take advantage of all Neighborhood amenities we offer a paid subscription. Once subscribed you will be placed in the "Citizens" group to enjoy the full benefits of the Neighborhood including creating a hosted blog and hosted gallery album. The cost of registration is minimal: $10/1 month; $24/3 months or $60/12 months. The small fee is literally pennies a day to enjoy the advertising-free supportive and empowering environment in the Neighborhood.

Premier Citizenship includes access to the following forums in addition to the ones listed in the free membership:

In The Town Square: Emotions & Mind Games; Embarrassing Questions; Maintainers; OOOps! Regaining; Hi Mamma! Post-WLS Pregnancy; The Family Table and (permission required) the Mental Health and Nurturing Neighbors protected forums.

In the Picket Fence Premier Citizens will enjoy Good Feelings...Oh Yea!!; The Venting Rock; Talents, Hobbies, Crafts and Entertainment and the permission required "Brass Button Singles Lounge, a protected forum.

Registration Page

If you are enjoying a free membership package and wish to upgrade to the Premier Citizenship simply go to "My Controls" and under options select "Purchase Paid Subscriptions". We accept PayPal or payment by check in the postal mail system.

Thank you for taking time to register and become a valued member of our community.

Kaye Bailey and the LivingAfterWLS team

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