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Monday, July 02, 2007

Portion Control Plates

A Canadian study recently found that diabetics were able to lose 5% of their body weight over six months when using a plates and bowls that clearly mark appropriate portion size. The plates are decorated to indicate portion size for carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, cheese and sauce. They are just large enough to hold an 800-calorie meal for men and a 650-calorie meal for women. The bowls hold a 200-calorie serving of cereal and milk.

The plate is manufactured in the UK and includes a diet program; The Diet Plate.

What I found interesting about this concept is that many of us adjust our dishware after weight loss surgery as a means to help with portions. Kim uses a salad plate for her meals. I use custard cups for soft foods like cottage cheese or jello. And I believe Sweet Meliss is still using her tiny dishes that she bought prior to her gastric bypass. Read this terrific entry from her Big Grandma No More blog on November 11, 2005:

From Sweet Meliss on Big Grandma No More blog (November 11, 2005)

"Walked into an oriental store and spent time looking at these really cute Japanese dishes. Bought myself a tiny plate, a matching 3 ounce tea cup with a cover that when flipped over can also be used as a tiny plate. Pretty bamboo design. Wallah I have my first WLS dining set. I have this clear blue glass dessert dish that I can use as a tray and set these dishes on and have my meals. I think I have just started my collection of minature dishes."

Smaller dishes, it seems are another useful item in our Power Tools resource box. Are you using smaller plates to help with portion control? What about smaller spoons and forks - I have heard some people do that. Do you believe the smaller dishes would have enabled your weight loss pre-WLS? I know I tried that method but it was so much work refilling my plate 2-3 times that I gave it up!

Please share you thoughts - comments are moderated but checked and approved frequently.

Happy Dining!

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