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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Neighborhood News

Hello Everyone!

Here is an update of some of the good things happening in our LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood: our safe haven circle of friends.

We have rolled-out a new section: The Global Neighborhood. In the interest of our growing population here in the Neighborhood we have added a new message board for Neighbors to connect geographically. At the bottom of your main screen you will find The Global Neighborhood featuring three forums that represent our current geographical demographics. The sub-forums are: North America, Europe and Southern Hemisphere. The North American Forum is broken into time zones for the United States. Canada and Mexico each have their own forum.

Use these forums to:
-- Connect with those in your geographical proximity
-- Seek live support groups and friendships
-- Discuss Neighborhood Hugfests
-- General chit-chat indigenous to your location

As our Neighborhood continues to grow throughout the world we will further customize this area of the Neighborhood for ease in usability and interactive alliance.

In Other News
Our good friend and IPB Guru Larry has been working long hours so that we now may custom select our skins (page graphics) to suit our personal tastes. Thanks Larry - You ROCK!
Learn more: Choose the Skin You're In

Join the Neighborhood Coffee Cup Swap and exchange a coffee cup with your LAWLS Neighbor.

Play Fun Friday for a chance to win a Free 3-Month Premier Subscription.

Premier Subscription Sale Continues!

To celebrate our growing community we are pleased to offer you extended packages on our premier Neighborhood subscriptions so you can fully benefit from all that the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood has to offer. Upgrade to Citizen membership now and create your own blog, upload your pictures to the gallery and enjoy access to all of the forums including the password-protected boards.


My Controls >> Options >> Purchase Paid Subscription

Become a Neighbor - Register Now!

In keeping with our safe haven environment your blogs and pictures will be private from the crawling eyes of search engines and the voyeurs who lurk on the web with unsavory intentions. Yet at the same time you will be comforted, accepted and embraced by those who understand the path you travel with weight loss surgery. You can be confident that your time spent in the Neighborhood will be free of advertising assaults that fatigue your eyes and distract your thoughts. This is a safe haven, a place of peace and security. You have made a difficult choice to have weight loss surgery, you deserve an online environment that will nurture and empower you to achieve your very best expectations.

Upgrade your membership today and enjoy an extended period on your Premier Subscription:

1 Month Subscription: $10 - Receive an extra week free! (.29 cents/day - 5 weeks)

3 Month Subscription: $24 - Receive an extra month free! (.20 cents/day - 4 months)

1 Year Subscription: $60 - Receive 2 extra months free!! (.14 cents/day - 14 months)

Benefits of Registration

For pennies a day give yourself the gift of a safe haven community where you can come, 24 hours a day, for inspiration, compassion and understanding in this, your very unique way of life.

Best Wishes,
Kaye Bailey

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