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Monday, September 03, 2007

Pouch Test: One Neighbor's Story

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a nice long weekend full of LIVING and wellness. It was a busy weekend in my world and more than once I was grateful for my health and physical fitness as we engaged in numerous activities without respite. I realize that as a morbidly obese person I would have sat on the sidelines on such a busy weekend - but as a healthy weight fit person I played first team and loved every minute of it.

By now you know that I believe in the 5 Day Pouch Test. We first published it here on August 13, 2007 and since that time numerous LivingAfterWLS Neighbors have taken the challenge to reclaim their pouch and get back to the basics that support surgical weight loss. Today I present to you (with permission) the posted notes of one woman who completed the test last week. Backtracker, AKA Lisa, joined our Neighborhood on August 22. She started the pouch test on August 28 and five days later was celebrating a tight pouch, a sense of accomplishment -- and she had lost 6 pounds. I think you will be inspired by her story - I know that I am.

Forum Link: Have I broken my pouch?

On August 22, 2007 Backtracker introduced herself, "I'm new to this site, but not to Kaye's newsletters. I'm a little over 2 years post-op and her newsletter asking if the pouch is broken caught my eye. I've been guilty of the slider foods, and yes they do go down more easily than protein. I've decided to backtrack and get back to basics and that's why I've joined." The following are Backtracker's posts chronicling her 5 Day Pouch Test:

August 25, 2007
Grazing has been my downfall, but all that is changing. I have resolved to get back on track and Monday I'm starting the 5 Day Pouch Test. I've also grown lax in exercising, so I'm getting back into that as well. It's back to basics for me. I've changed my mental attitude and have stopped feeling sorry for myself. Getting active in the Neighborhood is another tool for me.

Reading about JudyPetite's experiences has truly been inspirational for me. The tool will always be there. It also brought home the importance of sharing our experiences with others because you never know what will help someone else. After all we are in this together!

August 28, 2007
I need to check in and give a report on my progress, but first I want to say something to Robin. I have gotten nauseated before from protein drinks too. What helps me is to drink some hot tea. Yesterday I drank green tea if I felt that little rumble starting to happen and it worked great. I bet chicken or beef broth would have been acceptable too. (Am I right, Kaye?) ((Yes – broth is a good liquid, and sugar-free Jell-o is also good at this stage of the test.))

Read more about dizziness and dehydration after weight loss surgery

I just finished my 30 minutes of exercise that I committed to do as part of my plan. I must confess I did have a mental conversation with myself to convince me to do it, but I'm a Gemini, so I can get away with it. Anyway I did it, and I felt great afterward. I discovered a need for a second exercise: not to watch real-time television these first two days as there are so many food ads. I just don't want head hunger to enter into the equation.

Easy Walking Program

I didn't feel physically hungry at all. I swapped tea for coffee as I find tea to be soothing to my pouch. I drank lots of water, pretty much sipping it all day. I had three protein drinks.

For those of you thinking about doing this, it helps having a buddy. If you don't know someone, post to the list and I bet you'll have a taker. Deb asked me if I'd be her buddy and I was thrilled. It really does help because you don't want to let your buddy down.

Support: Another LivingAfterWLS Power Tool

August 29, 2007
My buddy and I are on day 3. I'll let Deb share her progress with you. I got confused and bought salmon for dinner only to discover (thankfully in time) that it will be for tomorrow's dinner. Back to the store in a bit to find a softer fish.

I got my exercise in, which came easier today than yesterday. I have a recumbent bike that I'm riding so I don't have to deal with the hot Texas weather.

This has been a good experience for me. This program works on the mind every bit as much, if not more, as it does on the pouch.

August 30, 2007
This is day 4. My pouch literally has tightened up! I hadn't expected it. I guess I expected more of an awareness that the pouch still worked. I can never eat as much in the morning anyway, but right now I really don't want to eat. I'm sipping hot green tea to coax my pouch a bit, because I know how important it is to get in my protein.

This has been a very important Aha Moment because now I realize how I slipped into the carb pattern. As I found to be true with near death experiences, it's one thing to read about them and comprehend, but it's so much more to gain the perspective from having had the experience. I'm so glad I'm doing the Five Day Pouch Test.

September 1, 2007
I was so focused on working the plan that when some pretty heavy duty obstacles came my way this past week, I didn't let them affect my food. I think the length of the plan had a large part to play in my ability to overcome the obstacles. So now I have to think about what I can do for the long term so I don't cave when obstacles come my way.

One of the things I'm tossing around in my head: Is there a way of working the program for five days at a time and then renewing on an ongoing basis? Maybe changing up the program a little from week to week would be involved. Any input would be appreciated.

((Kaye's Note: Back to Basics will be the topic of discussion throughout September here at the LivingAfterWLS Blog, the Newsletters and the Neighborhood.))

I neglected to mention that I lost 6 pounds while I was on the 5 Day Pouch test. Felt like the good old honeymoon days! If that's not incentive, I don't know what is.

September 2, 2007
In encouragement to another LivingAfterWLS Neighbor Lisa wrote, "I just finished the pouch test. How much of your hunger is head hunger? Are you drinking as much water as you should? Try sipping it throughout the day. Something else I found helpful was drinking hot green tea. It was very soothing to my pouch. Activity is the other thing that can get your mind off of food, be it exercise, housework, gardening, or perhaps a hobby you enjoy."

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