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Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Bad: Gender Bender

Sorry Jerry --- I did a bit of gender-bending when I mentioned our WLS-"sister" of the blog Unsaved Loved Ones. my bad. Jerry is a dude with a great take on WLS from the masculine point of view. Check out this post today regarding WLS and Booze:

So I’m not having a Saul on the road to Damascus paradigm shift here…I never say never, but I really do feel at this point that the responsible thing to do is keep an eye on it, because a couple of drinks after a long week is something that is SO easy to rationalize. I’ve never been an AA candidate (unless of course I’m in that famous state of denial they use to sell you on the program), but if you are reading this and you have partied with me “back in the day”, you have at least one story from my well stocked resume of “antics” that you still tell. With that in mind, combined with the limited capacity for food, the elation over feeling and looking better, the prospect of nice clothes and even nicer women…..I’d be a complete FOOL if I didn’t admit that it is, at the very least, something to monitor closely and always make it a point to bring it up during my therapy visits.
Sorry about that Jerry - but boy or girl - you have it going on writing about reality and WLS!


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