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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Visit These Blogs!!


As you know, at LivingAfterWLS we celebrate the WHOLE person, not just the person who happens to have undergone surgical weight loss treatment. Apparently we are not alone - check out these blogs from real life, real people who are fighting morbid obesity and LIVING! That's what I'm talking about! Take a click - you won't be disappointed!

To inspire and motivate your creativity! by Jana in Alaska
Don't kid yourself, Jana doesn't just stamp, she cooks, she inspires and she motivates. Bookmark her today! BTW, in the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood she's earned the title, "OneHOTMama" but you'll see her posts by OneTallMama. You be the judge: I think she is pretty darn hot!

Fairly new to blogging, this WLS Sister just joined the century club (100+ pound weight loss). She is blunt and honest and darn right funny. Click to read Unsaved Loved Ones and feel the love! She doesn't mince words and softly mocks "the hills are alive" PollyAnna mentality of some blogs ( included) but she is the real deal. She gets the weight loss surgery gig and is worth your bandwidth in a good time reading.

Meet Jodi Klucher: WLS hero and champion of that little talked about topic: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after Childbirth. A must read for all moms and moms-to-be out there. Don't miss it. Jodi is one of only a handful talking about PTSD after childhood: I see a book in her future. Who else can talk about these two topics with personal experience, knowledge and compassion. Again, we learn from her, you never need to walk alone.

Blog on my friends! You are a valued part of our WLS growing body of knowledge even as our own bodies shrink! I am proud of each of you!!


Jerry said...

Hi Kaye, thanks for mentioning my blog (and for the gender-bending, lol!)....being new to the blog and WLS world, this is exactly the kind of site I needed to connect with people who really do have their own language and way of expressing the ups and downs of the post-surgery lifestyle. My surgeon's office has bi-monthly support groups but I'm reticent to take up TOO much meeting time with questions like "Uhhh, does anyone elses stomach make THIS much noise?" or, "What's with the weird fluctuation in what might irritate my pouch from day to day?".

Thanks again, all the best to you.


Kaye Bailey said...

Hey Jerry - Sorry about the gender bending; should have read further! Either way, your writing is great and I'm enjoying your perspective!

Phelps said...

So informative....